Temple of the Sun

Seems that Templo del Sol will go into our bucket list.

Meandering Naturists

Seems I have fallen behind in the chronicles of our naturist journey…

At this writing, we are nestled in a naturist settlement in Provence – central southern France.   We are thirty-five days into our “naturist odyssey” across Europe, though we have scarcely posted to the blog over the past four weeks.

From this comes a lesson for those of you out there who wish to be naked in Europe, but at the same time, want to stay connected to the Internet.  Forget it!

(Should you wish to see our entire itinerary, you can peruse the “Blowing Through Europe” post from last May.)

European naturism comes with a price tag; the first part being the necessity of paying high tariffs for the privilege of simply being naked, the second part, coming to grips with the fact that you will sacrifice amenities and conveniences along with the decision to doff…

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