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Playas nudistas en Menorca (islas Baleares)

Welcome to Menorca

En Menorca  el nudismo no es una práctica  no prohibida en la bellísima forma de expresarse con naturalidad. La  isla de Menorca (Islas Baleares) porque en principio todas las playas son nudistas, ya que no hay leyes que impidan desnudarse en los lugares públicos. Precisamente por esto, cualquiera podría visitar la playa que le apeteciese despojándose por completo de su ropa sin problema alguno… No obstante, para aquellos que prefieren hacerlo sin críticas miradas ajenas que los valoran y los prejuzgan existen algunas playas destinadas especialmente a las prácticas nudistas y naturistas.

¿Quieres conocer algunas de ellas? ¡Toma nota y establece tu propia ruta por la isla de Menorca !

Playas nudistas en Menorca

Cala del Pilar: Es una de las playas nudistas más populares de la isla Menorca a pesar de la escasez de espacio en los apenas 250 metros de los que dispone…

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La España naturista en los años 70

This gallery contains 20 photos.

Originally posted on Histonudismo:
En la España de la democracia recién estrenada, el verano de 1978 iba a marcar un gran hito en el proceso de liberalización individual. Aquel verano se impuso en las playas mediterráneas la moda del “monobikini”.…

¿Qué quieren saber los jóvenes sobre nudismo?

Nude at 100 Paces

Meandering Naturists

[Not to be confused with my post on 100 Naked Places!]

So a few weeks ago, while staying at Vera Playa, we decided to exploit a particularly lovely morning with a leisurely walk down the beach. Having done my homework before departure for this, our first visit to this famous naturist town on the Andalusia coast, (you can read that report here) I had a pretty good sense of the general layout of the authorized naturist zones, as compared to the nudity tolerated zones, well delineated on the most excellent map on the Vera Playa friends webpage where the color fades away to indicate, “You have now left naturist wonderland! Have a nice day!”

Playing 100 paces at Vera Playa Playing 100 paces at Vera Playa

Of course, I didn’t bother to print out the map before heading off to Spain, and it seemed less than practical to lug along my MacBook as…

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Bright Blue Skies at Vera Playa!

Meandering Naturists

After reading about it for years, we finally made it to Vera Playa on the Andalusia Coast of Spain. I’ll admit it, I had my doubts, assuming that this may well be the Spanish equivalent of Cap d’Agde, the (in)famous “naked city” in the South of France that, in my humble opinion, falls far short of Europe’s best naturist destination.

Turns out that Vera Playa is almost nothing like Cap d’Adge, except for the fact that it is a stand-alone municipality where you can walk down the neighborhood streets in your birthday suit, and to most of the locals, it will seem like business as usual. That is, unless you walk all the way across town and go into the grocery store. Seems that will turn a few heads, and most likely, get you thrown out of the market. (A significant difference from Cap d’Agde where the boundaries of the

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Temple of the Sun

Seems that Templo del Sol will go into our bucket list.

Meandering Naturists

Seems I have fallen behind in the chronicles of our naturist journey…

At this writing, we are nestled in a naturist settlement in Provence – central southern France.   We are thirty-five days into our “naturist odyssey” across Europe, though we have scarcely posted to the blog over the past four weeks.

From this comes a lesson for those of you out there who wish to be naked in Europe, but at the same time, want to stay connected to the Internet.  Forget it!

(Should you wish to see our entire itinerary, you can peruse the “Blowing Through Europe” post from last May.)

European naturism comes with a price tag; the first part being the necessity of paying high tariffs for the privilege of simply being naked, the second part, coming to grips with the fact that you will sacrifice amenities and conveniences along with the decision to doff…

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