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Getting naked around strangers improves your body image, study finds

Interacting with others while wearing nothing but your birthday suit can lead to improvements in body image, according to a new randomized controlled …
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Benefits Of Naturism – Vritomartis Blog

The most important benefits of naturism! Being naked socially offers an alternative solution to most of the problems that people face in their lives.

Source: Benefits Of Naturism – Vritomartis Blog

Yoga desnudo | Info Nudismo

Source: Yoga desnudo | Info Nudismo

How Fast Can You Run Naked? Get Ready for the 4th Annual State Line Streak

I have only run naked at the treadmill of a nude resort. Would love to attend a nude 5K. Looking forward for one close to me.

Clothing Optional Trips

Photo found on Tumblr for Nude 5km run in Florida Photo found on Tumblr for Nude 5km run in Florida

If you’re a runner, you’ve certainly run a mile or a 5K. Maybe you’ve run a half marathon or possibly even completed a marathon. Maybe you’re more of an active runner who has done the Tough Mudder or the the Spartan obstacle course races. Perhaps you’ve even out run zombies or been showered in colors at a Color Run.

Are you up for a new running adventure? How about a race with your shoes, your socks and… nothing else? I’m talking about the State Line Streak 5K and Some Colors Run just for fun color run on Saturday, June 11 at White Thorn Lodge in Darlington, PA (on the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania). 

Yes, these are both nude runs (women are allowed to wear an upper support garment). The Stake Line Streak is a competitive 5K race on stone…

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The Naked Yogis

Yoga is great but nude yoga it’s even better!

Bendable not Breakable

What a way to celebrate International Yoga Day.

I find myself in a dark room softly illuminated by the glow of candles. Outside there is a wild and wooly storm, the wind and rain lashes against and rattles the window. It’s a stark contrast to the warm, welcoming and cosy environment inside. I am on all fours, running through a cat/cow sequence with 20 other gorgeous women, who like me are all naked. Stark, bare, beautiful, and NAKED.

Tonight I experienced my first ever nude yoga class.

Now let me commence with my original comment when someone told me about Nude Yoga.

“Gross, just GROSS. Nope, no, definitely not!’

In my mind I had a visual of a well lit room, filled with naked bodies in uncompromising yoga positions, a rear view vision of downward dog. Shudder.

However, this idea kept presenting itself and after a girlfriend told me about…

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My first nude run at the Naturist Foundation

Benefits of social nudity: stress reduction, general health

Naturist Philosopher


Most naturists/nudists believe that social nudity has significant health benefits. They’re very probably right. However, there doesn’t seem to be much clarity about exactly how nudity is beneficial for one’s health. We’re going to take a close look at that issue here. It’s going to take some time to give a good explanation. But if you want the quick answer, it’s this: social nudity helps counteract psychological stress. And if you’re in a hurry, you can jump here for the quick summary.

In the early days of naturism (up to 1940, say), there was a strong emphasis on healthful living. In Germany, where modern naturism originated in the late 1890s, nudity was considered to be a part of healthful living, whose principles were sometimes referred to as Lebensreform: “life reform”. The principles included such things as abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and (other) addictive drugs, exercise, healthful diet (especially vegetarianism)…

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