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NATURI.SM – Your FKK / Naturism App!

Hi! I have came across a simple but powerful App that will provide information from over 1,800 nude friendly venues in 64 countries around the globe. You can search by name, country or geographically over the map. You can even get directions by its Google Maps integration.

Links to the homepages are provided which is quite convenient. Keep in mind that each place is different so it is wise to do further research in case that you are not familiar with the location of interest.

You can find more information in the link below. It is not a fee App but it comes at a reasonable price. I believe it is worth having.

Source: NATURI.SM – Your FKK / Naturism App!



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Originally posted on Naturismo de Tenerife:
Esta no va a ser una entrada que guste mucho, tampoco será de la más sea compartida, pero les guste o no, es la verdad…. El problema NO es el estigma del sexo, (…

Playas nudistas en Menorca (islas Baleares)

Welcome to Menorca

En Menorca  el nudismo no es una práctica  no prohibida en la bellísima forma de expresarse con naturalidad. La  isla de Menorca (Islas Baleares) porque en principio todas las playas son nudistas, ya que no hay leyes que impidan desnudarse en los lugares públicos. Precisamente por esto, cualquiera podría visitar la playa que le apeteciese despojándose por completo de su ropa sin problema alguno… No obstante, para aquellos que prefieren hacerlo sin críticas miradas ajenas que los valoran y los prejuzgan existen algunas playas destinadas especialmente a las prácticas nudistas y naturistas.

¿Quieres conocer algunas de ellas? ¡Toma nota y establece tu propia ruta por la isla de Menorca !

Playas nudistas en Menorca

Cala del Pilar: Es una de las playas nudistas más populares de la isla Menorca a pesar de la escasez de espacio en los apenas 250 metros de los que dispone…

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El gusto del nudismo

Gran post para los que les hacen falta razones para el naturismo aunque en realidad no se requieran.

Orient Beach Observations on St. Maarten/St. Martin

It’s on our bucket list!

Clothing Optional Trips

The World Famous Orient Beach by Club Orient, St. Maarten The World Famous Orient Beach by Club Orient, St. Maarten

My wife and I had a wonderful week on Orient Beach in St. Maarten/St. Martin the last week of February. While the beach is actually several named beaches in one and nearly 2 1/2 miles long, it features perhaps the best known nude/clothing optional beach in the World: Orient Beach by Club Orient.

Orient Beach really isn’t a bare as much as you dare beach… I’d say about 95% of the beach goers on it are naked and enjoying every minute of it, including my wife and me. If you haven’t been, we’d highly recommend putting it on your Nakation Bucket List.

Orient Beach from a rocky point. Orient Beach from a rocky point.

Knowing that many couples have their first nude beach experience on Orient Beach, I was interested to see the first timers reactions. I collected these tips after watching several first time couples experiences. Some…

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Scars – How I overcame my insecurities by going naked

So Bad Ass

Hellooooo it is good to be back! Timm and I have been on our second honeymoon, a week in Lanzarote and we had a blummin’ brilliant time!

The weather was amazing and so I had to deal with the insecurities of going on the beach and having my scars on display.  Now if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I am not a wallflower when it comes to showing off my scars and ostomy from all the photo shoots I have done.

But I do these for a reason, I want to raise awareness of IBD and lessen the stigma of having an ostomy or lots of scars from surgeries.  Being photographed by talented husband Timm and then editing the images and sharing online reduces the panic in showing the world my entirely imperfect body as it is not a face to face interaction.

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Vacation in Greece. Vritomartis – 2 | Zjuzdme.org

Vitromartis beach

Vitromartis beach

Vitromartis beach

Vitromartis beach

Vacation in Greece. Vritomartis – 2 | Zjuzdme.org.

Vacation in Greece. Vritomartis – 1 | Zjuzdme.org

Vitromartis Resort

Vitromartis Resort

Vitromartis Resort

Vitromartis Resort

Vacation in Greece. Vritomartis – 1 | Zjuzdme.org.

All the naturist beaches in Crete

Nude beach

Nude beach

All the naturist beaches in Crete.


La España naturista en los años 70

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Originally posted on Histonudismo:
En la España de la democracia recién estrenada, el verano de 1978 iba a marcar un gran hito en el proceso de liberalización individual. Aquel verano se impuso en las playas mediterráneas la moda del “monobikini”.…