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Sunny Options: Public Debut (with my mom!)

One peculiar but great first time experience.

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Photo 15-04-2015 13 16 24Early Wednesday morning, my mom, her friend and I made a mad dash down to Austin, Texas to visit Hippie Hollow Clothing Optional Nudist Park at Lake Travis.

During phone conversations weeks prior, I told my mom that I was eager to take my first steps out into the open around other clothes free people. Much of my desire came from wanting to have a true, wholesome in-person experience with other clothes free folks. My introduction to clothes free life was through Instagram, flowering from the seed of a clothes free yoga challenge. However, the internet being it’s own planet of crazy, I couldn’t really tell who the true clothes free lifers were, and who was just looking for a good time. I had seen many suggestive comments even from those who claimed to be straight up, so I wanted to know what the real deal was outside of that environment…

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I Went to a Nude Comedy Show and Learned to Accept My Body | VICE | United Kingdomy

I Went to a Nude Comedy Show and Learned to Accept My Body | VICE | United Kingdom.

Normally first timers participate in nude socially in places such a as a beach, club or resort. This story take place at a comedy show but it is not much different from others in the sense of the initial tension and self-consciousness and how quick she adapts and feel comfortable. Good for her!

The Naked Truth

Great story about a first time at a nudist venue.


WARNING:  I hate the thought of offending anyone, so if you do not want to read about lots of man-parts and lady-parts, please come back on a different day.

I considered not writing this at all, but an author-friend of mine said, “Are you crazy? All that fabulous material – and you aren’t going to use it???”  She had a point.

I also wrote a completely different version of this experience – concentrating on the silliest aspects. I’ve always prided myself on my superior silliness skills. But after I re-read what I had written, I thought it was too trivial – even for me – the Queen of Trivial.

Sure I can play it for laughs. But I think there is something to SAY.

So here goes.

When my husband and I vacationed in Jamaica recently, we took a side trip. We got ourselves a day pass to a…

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Orient Beach Observations on St. Maarten/St. Martin

It’s on our bucket list!

Clothing Optional Trips

The World Famous Orient Beach by Club Orient, St. Maarten The World Famous Orient Beach by Club Orient, St. Maarten

My wife and I had a wonderful week on Orient Beach in St. Maarten/St. Martin the last week of February. While the beach is actually several named beaches in one and nearly 2 1/2 miles long, it features perhaps the best known nude/clothing optional beach in the World: Orient Beach by Club Orient.

Orient Beach really isn’t a bare as much as you dare beach… I’d say about 95% of the beach goers on it are naked and enjoying every minute of it, including my wife and me. If you haven’t been, we’d highly recommend putting it on your Nakation Bucket List.

Orient Beach from a rocky point. Orient Beach from a rocky point.

Knowing that many couples have their first nude beach experience on Orient Beach, I was interested to see the first timers reactions. I collected these tips after watching several first time couples experiences. Some…

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