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Why Some Parents are Afraid of Bare-Chestedness

Ver y thoughtful post. I can relate to what you’ve said having a teenage daughter.


DC HSF 4 National Mall, Washington D.C., Fall 2015

I have spent a lot of time studying fear and anxiety, both generally and how it relates to normalizing female bare-chestedness.

I traveled to New Hamphire this week to attend the trial of the women who asked to be cited after police officers asked them to cover their breasts at a Gilford town beach.

Two witnesses testified that they were mothers and were offended on behalf of their and other children.  One said she was offended in her own right, and didn’t want her son to see breasts.

I also just watched poorly made news footage from Woodlawn Beach in Buffalo where women have apparently been going bare-chested with some regularity (according to the hyperbolic reporting) and they managed to find an offended mother who said she was totally fine with topless sunbathing, just not in front of her daughter.

And of course I have heard…

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Won’t You Think of the Children?

“Think of the children!” How often I hear that. Children couldn’t care less of a topeless woman. I’ve been at the beach in France at it was quite common seeing topless mothers with their children enjoying themselves. Neither the children nor the adults were offended by it. It was perfectly normal.

How to Practice Nudity in Your Family

Naturist Holidays in Europe

As many people come to discover, sex and nudity are not the same thing. Many families are foregoing social taboos, and practice healthy and relaxed nudity in the privacy of their homes—feeling it promotes a wholesome understanding of the human body as it is, not as it is sexualized in the media. This article is not designed to coerce you into baring it all, but rather to help you learn how to comfortably practice nudity in your family, and decide if it’s right for you.


1. Explore family nudity without feeling it’s abnormal. Young children have not yet acquired a sophisticated understanding of modesty, and really don’t care who sees them naked.
  • This is the time when the parent can teach children not to be self-conscious of their bodies or of their nakedness. This, in turn, will help children associate nakedness to routine activity instead of exclusively sexual activity…

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At home clothes free my experience (a female perspective)

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

This is about at home nudism. I just thought to tell my story and wrote my thoughts. I hope you like it.

imageWhen I was a little girl I lived in my home country of Greenland. It’s not a good place for nudists, even with global warming making the ice retreat. So I wrapped myself in many layers of clothes, like everyone did. The clothing was another person on me, so heavy. I didn’t know anything different until I came to Toronto, Canada. My half-sister lived in Toronto with her man and their children. The children were young and they liked to go nude around the house and sometimes go to the country and be naked there. It was strange for me to see them that way, but I saw how happy they were. I was shy but I joined them. I tried being nude outdoors at a forest. We…

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” Family Orientated Paradise ”

Great post about children and naturism. Children are born naturists but raised into the textile world

The Naked Truth.........


After months of intolerable wet weather the sun finally began to shine on us again for a few days this week and actually reached a peak of 17c on Saturday & Sunday. It was very strange and a case of “we’ll what shall we do now”. Unfortunately it was slightly cooler on the coast so the beach was out of the question, it was also a case of the countryside was too wet to go for a naked ramble, so instead we donned our wellies and went over to Arcadians and joined the others at the monthly work party. It wasn’t the first time I’d been there this year or even that week as I’d popped over in February to see the state of the waterlogged grounds.


Then earlier in the week I’d gone over to start refreshing the shower room with a lick of paint to cover up the scuff marks…

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