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Why We Do What We Do

Very moving letter form the woman in Turkey.

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_9607We recently received an email message from a woman in Turkey that broke our heart, but also filled us with gratitude and hope. With her permission, we’re sharing her message here (but not her name).

Hi! I am a 31 year old woman from Istanbul, Turkey and I have been following your blog for a few years now. I just wanted to say that you are very, VERY fortunate sisters of mine that happen to live far, far away from me. I cannot imagine sunbathing topless here in Istanbul. I would be sexually harrassed and then arrested within an hour. Plus, I would have photos of me circulating to shame and harrass me forever.

Despite living in this reality, reading the blog and looking at the photos make me feel at peace, knowing that there are some places in the world where I could live the way I want to…

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Headed to Hidden Beach Resort for your Nakation? 10 Suggestions to Make Your Naked Stay Even Better

Really a great place! We live it.

Clothing Optional Trips

Together time is naked time at Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico

There are a lot of great nude and clothing optional resorts, B&Bs, and vacation hot spots available for couples looking to try a great nakation. My wife and I have been lucky enough to spend time at several of nude resorts and beaches throughout North America and the Caribbean. While there are many properties we like for a variety of reasons, Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico remains one of our favorites.

img_5434 Our room at Hidden Beach Resort

There is a lot to like about Hidden Beach Resort. What could be better than a nude resort (not clothing optional) where you can walk out of your room in the morning, have breakfast, lay in the sun, swim in the pool, enjoy lunch by the pool, have a cocktail or 10 more, sit in the hot tub, enjoy a candlelight…

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NNG Clubhouse… by Hector Ismael Martinez Madrigal | Generosity

‘How photographing naturists helped me to love my body’

Enhance your life with nudity?

Source: Enhance your life with nudity?

El Naturismo en Casa ¿Hay límites en el Nudismo? | Info Nudismo

Family Nudism Questions Part 2: Can Kids Keep A Secret?

YNA Guide: How To Raise Naturist Kids and Introduce Naturism Part 1

Poblados de tradición naturista

Ecologistas y Naturistas

En el siguiente documento os presentamos dos poblados de tradición naturista. Probablemente entre ellos haya sus diferencias entre una cultura más de nudismo social con el naturismo más puro. En todo caso en todos ellos la libertad y la conservación del medio ambiente es un emblema reconocido. No olvidemos que para el naturista es una forma de vida, una filosofía con la que afrontar el día a día. Es una manera de desnudarse en cuerpo y alma. Además viaja en familia y los niños pequeños asumen la desnudez como algo normal. El primer poblado que os presentamos probablemente sea el que mejor define la cultura de vida naturista.

El Fonoll.

Es una localidad que durante muchos años permaneció abandonada. Pertenece al municipio de Passanant, en Tarragona y desde hace unas décadas se ha convertido en el pueblo más naturista del territorio.

Las normas de convivencia están bien…

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How to tell your significant other?

How to tell your partner that you’re a nudist and how to convince him/her that there’s nothing wrong with it and that they should also give it a try?

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