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Going Bare: Undressed and Unashamed

Going Bare: Undressed and Unashamed.

Naturism, the Bible and the Catholic Church.

Great blog about naturism, the Bible and the Catholic Church.



Baptism on Jesus, Bordone, Giotto 1276-1336

By G. Camilleri       (maltanudist@gmail.com)

Naturism in Malta has recently been the subject of some TV feature programs, newspaper articles and online debate.  A group on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Legalize-Nudist-beaches-and-topless-bathing-in-Malta/559937837361952) is proposing the legalisation of nudist beaches in Malta. A significant number of letters and other type of communication from Maltese people indicate that a lot of people believe that naturism is wrong because it goes directly against the Catholic Church teachings. For example, an excerpt from a letter against naturism states ‘aħna poplu Kristjan u għalina dan huwa selvaġiżmu sfrenat (translation, ‘we are Christians and for us this is salvagism at its best’).’ (http://www.orizzont.com.mt/oldarticles/article107221.html)

Many catholic theologians argue against nudity due to the principles of modesty.  ‘Because he lives in fallen nature, man is to be clothed’ (Genesis 3:6-7, 13-21). ‘Nudism opposes one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit…

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