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Heroes of naturism #1: Lady God1va

Great article. Looking forward for the series.

Naked Historia

I thought I would write about some of the inspirational people who I think have done great things.  The first of these is Lady God1va.  No; that isn’t a typo.  Lady God1va is a pen name used by a naturist activist, blogger and a truly inspirational woman.  There was already someone in the UK using the name Lady Godiva, which is why she uses the 1 to distinguish herself.

Since there is a natural link to Lady Godiva, it only seems fair to talk about her too, as she has become the archetype for the naked protest and she too was a very remarkable woman.

Collier, Lady Godiva

The basic story is extremely well known.  She was an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry in order to make her husband reduce the oppressive taxes on his tenants.  But this really needs to be put into context.

Godiva, or Godgifu…

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