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Heroes of naturism #2: Melanie Roberts

I have heard a los about Stephen but not about Melanie. I new there was a woman that joined him and I’m glad to learn more from her with this post. Certainly well deserved for her. I also feel the same way about Stephen. I have admired him but also question some if his decisions. I do hope that it turns for the best for him.

Naked Historia

I’m guessing that a few or you were thinking, “Who?” until you noticed the photo below, at which time it became quite obvious who Melanie Roberts is.  She was the woman who joined Stephen Gough in walking the 874 miles from Land’s end to John O’Groats naked back between 2005 and 2006.  With the repeated arrests and continued imprisonment of Gough, Melanie’s contribution has tended to be forgotten.


Stephen is a well known and controvertial figure who has been in the news a lot.  Some people consider him a hero whilst others question his sanity.  His wife left him over his public nudity and his refusal to dress has led him to spend most of the last decade in one prison or another.  There are naturists who think he is doing naturism more harm than good.  His most recent imprisonment is definitely a travesty.  I admire Gough but sometimes question…

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