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” Lounging around in the Sun “


I have always wondered how do you play Pétanque. Interesting, thanks!

The Naked Truth.........


So eventually the fine weather reappeared in late May and so did the smiles. For me this meant a period of creative inactivity, hence the lack of posts on this blog. For Ginny it meant a period of recuperation following delicate foot surgery. The first fortnight was probably the worst time for her with some pain, but moreover a period of inactivity in which, she could do very little except sit with her foot up. We used the initial few weeks relaxing at our naturist club, Arcadians of Greenglades in Essex. The weather stayed fair if not all together scorching, but it gave us good opportunity to use our recently acquired Resol Sun Loungers.


All in all we visited the club over twenty times,this included three “long weekend” camping visits. These three weekends, were for three entirely different events,that the club had organised. They were the “Strawberry Tea” weekend, the “French” weekend and also…

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