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Nudism & Fashion

Great article from Naked Imp regarding Nudism and Fashion. Sounds like non sense, complete opposites but she makes very interesting points.

Naked Imp

You would be forgiven for thinking that fashion has no place in a naturist world. And when you think of the literal connotations, you’d be right. But nudism on the catwalk is far from unusual. I suspect the reasons for doing it are wide ranging and I would hate to cast aspersions on their motives. Art for arts sake, to be provocative, shocking, to get headlines. Or simply because you can.

Naked bodies on the catwalk are allowed. It’s not unusual for female models to have see through tops and no bras. But there are more extreme examples such as Charlie Le Mindu’s hat collection for 2011. Whilst the aim might have been to focus on the hats, I suspect these svelt naked bodies were getting most of the attention. But let’s be fair, he’ll be remembered for it.

The purpose of the runway show is not to showcase fashion…

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