How Do We Present Nudism?

As most things it is easier to be said than done. Nudism – naturism it’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Actually something to be proud of but unfortunately most people fail to see that.

All Nudist

by guest writer Rick Romig    (Mojo Nude)

In recent months I’ve seen numerous articles, letters, and editorial pieces in The Bulletin and in Nude and Natural (N)calling for nudists and naturists to be more open about talking about their experiences. Many of these authors have also taken us to task for hiding behind first names only or pseudonyms. I’ve also advocated more openness and less anonymity while realizing that many of us don’t feel comfortable about coming out due to family, societal, or career considerations. Maybe others haven’t embraced openness because they’re unsure just how to go about being open about nudism.

Advocating openness is one thing but actually opening up and talking about our lifestyle is quite another. There are a number of resources for what can be said about naturism but what’s out there to help us figure out how to present nudism and…

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