Shameful Nudists? What Shame?

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Privacy, not shame.

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There’s an article at MojoNudediscussing nudists and our tendency to ‘hide’ from the world in order to do our thing.  A quote attributed to NURBA suggests that we do so out of shame and the it’s time we stand up and be counted.  Not a new idea, and not a bad idea, but based on a common fallacy that we are ashamed of our lifestyle.   Wrong;  Nudists are not ashamed of being nudists.

Now, it might be an easy to assume that someone who keeps what they do secret, doesn’t talk about it with friends or family, only does it in hiding, and doesn’t even give out their last name to those they do it with just might have something they’re ashamed of , don’t ya think?

Think Christians in Imperial Rome.  Jews in 1940 Germany.  Gays in 1960’s America.  Need more?

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