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My Journey In Naturism, My Journey within Myself-Chapter Two

Another great post from Asian American Naturist!

Asian American Naturist

In last week’s chapter “The Awakening” I wrote about how I got interested in nude recreation and the first steps.  In this week’s chapter, I write about my further adventures in naturism.

Chapter Two: Self-Expression

My nude activities were relegated to an uncomfortable drive to Black’s Beach (with no car radio) when I had the time.  The drive there was long and the drive back was even longer.  Plus there was no amenities at Black’s Beach, i.e. restrooms, snack bars, or other conveniences.  If you had to take a wiz the ocean or the cliffs were your only bet.  Also I had an incident where a pervert hit on me (it happens to men too).  The problem with nude beaches is they are open to anyone and everyone.

Keep in mind also that I was still living at home at the time and my nude activities were on the down…

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