Finally decided to give it a try. Hopefully something good will come out of this blog.   I have never been a blogger nor a writer so bare with me,  I mean bear with me since clearly I have not the skills for it yet.

The main purpose of this blog is to share with you ideas regarding naturism/nudism since it is the lifestyle that I chose.  Mainly I have been sharing articles and sites through Twitter that I believe are of the interest to true naturists/nudists. Sometimes thery are retwitted or used in other blogs which led me to the idea of making my own blog.

Hope you find this site interesting and make sure to leave a comment if you see how can I improve it .



3 responses to “Hello

  1. Brilliant ideology. My respect and admiration.

  2. Quite flattered that you’ve taken such an active interest in MY blog, Alex. Thanks for that. :).

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